• For Dawstar, a bicycle manufacturer, we have designed a modern production hall with a social and office part to be built as a turnkey project. The area of the investment is 3.200 m2.

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CoBouw Polska Sp. z o.o. is a Polish-Dutch construction company that has the capital of international experience. We specialize in the construction of industrial complex facilities nationwide and provide our Investors with a packet of measurable business advantages and results that they are fully satisfied with.

  • We transform Investors’ needs and individual preferences into modern, functional, and elegant projects within specific budget frames.
  • We lead Investors step-by-step through the entire investment process – from a needs analysis through support in selecting a parcel of land and the conceptual-design phase all the way up to turnkey construction.
  • We take over all the formal duties, complete the documentation and obtain the necessary permits.
  • We build based on the latest technologies and innovative solutions to adapt the facility to day-to-day and future needs.
  • We combine business functionality with stylish pattern-designing and take care of all details to obtain an effect that often exceeds the expectations of the most demanding Investors.
  • We carry out the whole process ourselves thanks to the experienced engineering staff and our own assembly brigades.
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