The hall with a total area of around 5,000 m2 will be built for the Viscon Real Estate Poland company. The investment will be realized by us in the general contracting system.
Viscon Real Estate Poland is a part of fast developing Viscon Group. The Group delivers innovative and unconventional solutions to improve production process for enterprises from food and agriculture industry. Many years of company experience coupled with the creative use of modern technology, has proven to be a successful recipe. Viscon Group delivers logistics solutions and automation to make the production more efficient. Machines and technologies of Viscon Group are used to higher efficiency of: growing young plants, nursery gardens, poultry hatcheries, hydroponic systems and production of package for food transport.
The production and warehouse hall will be built by us in Słupsk. The city is still developing and is increasingly seen as a supra-regional service and industrial center. The location of the city at the crossroads of two national roads and railways is one of the assets that attracting potential investors. For our company it is already 8th investment realized in Słupsk and 16th in the entire Pomeranian Voivodeship.

The project will involve the separation of production and warehouse space in the hall with the possibility of later expansion. The office part was planned on two storeys, while on the ground floor the social section will be set up for the employees of the hall. It is also assumed to build sidewalks, roads and maneuvering yards as well as two rides for the planned investment. Around the facility will be made panel fences with sliding gates.

The scope of work

Based on the contract we will perform:

  • Construction project for building permit
  • foundation feet with ground beams
  • delivery and comprehensive assembly of the steel hall
  • realization of the social and office part in the hall
  • finishing works in the social-office part
  • execution of the floor
  • internal and external installations
  • execution of road infrastructure around the facility with fencing and gates

The creation of a functional production and warehouse hall adapted to assembly of machines and technological lines for the light industry. The color scheme will be maintained in shades of gray that match with the blue color found in the Viscon Group logo.