LINEA House of Printing is a manufacturer of flags with overprint, banners and display systems.


The investment will be located in Koszalin, where LINEA has its registered office.


The complex of buildings of our design includes several productions areas, and a social and office part. The whole facility constitutes a building structure of varying height.

The project has been prepared by Colosseum Design Studio in Slupsk.

The scope of work
  • groundworks
  • foundations
  • delivery and installation of the complete warehouse-production hall
  • installation of unloading and handling systems
  • industrial floor
  • an office and employee facilities part adjacent to the hall, including finishing works
  • external and internal installations
  • external works including door keeper’s lodge, splash apron, pavement, parking areas,
    manoeuvring yards for heavy transport, exits, fences and entrance gates

The building, inspired by 19th century textiles manufacturing plants, is an excellent example of a successful combination of tradition and innovation.