Project and construction of sorting plant and turnkey storage buildings

Fruit and greens sorting plants and storage buildings are used to prepare the garden truck for further sale. On that account, these facilities are built mainly by manufacturers' groups. These facilities are used for logistic processes including washing, customizing, packaging, and fruit and greens storage. In our judgement, the creation of a manufacturers' group and gaining EU grants are the key to success regarding the erection of a modern sorting plant and fruit and greens storage.

CoBouw's complete offer

Within our services, we provide professional support during the process of gaining grants from the European Union and then we implement the entire building process based on our project. This is the very method used to erect fruit and greens sorting plants and storage buildings that meet the expectations of the most demanding Investors at all points during the project.


Principles of creating a functional fruit and greens sorting plant and storage building

We have divided the design and construction of steel sorting plants and storage buildings into stages; thanks to this, we control the entire investment process while monitoring each detail.

These are the details:

  • meeting with the Investor - verification of needs and a production process analysis,
  • technological conception development,
  • carrying out the visualization and the offer,
  • drawing up a draft of the building project required for a construction permit,
  • implementation of any official formalities,
  • obtaining the construction permit,
  • complex carrying out of the turnkey investment.

Analysis of Investor's needs and design capabilities

  • We start working with a detailed analysis of the entire technological cycle that is to take place at the newly constructed building. We take into account, among other things, the goods flow, delivery, and dispatch methods, and the sequence of the whole fruit sorting and storage process at the newly constructed building.
  • In the case of a fruit/greens sorting plant, process lines are of key importance, therefore we start with the specifics of their capacity. On that account, we start our co-operation with the line supplier already at the preliminary project stage.
  • After the line selection and a verification of changes, we choose the optimum area for the sorting plant. In addition, we specify the number of people that will work at the hall to adapt the project into shifts (one or two shifts).
  • At this stage, we also verify the Investor's plans concerning the welfare and office area.
  • All sorting facilities belong to the grocery, therefore we already consider all the HACCP system criteria and BRC standards at the preliminary stage.
  • In the majority of facilities of this type, there are chambers with a controlled atmosphere. Therefore, we take into account the expected tonnage of fruit/greens to be stored and the method of goods delivery and acceptance. These activities are of great significance as they decide considerably on the suitable selection of the given chamber area and height. What is more, this is of key importance to the storage costs of goods and the effectiveness of the cooling plant.

Preliminary project of the fruit sorting plant / store

  • Based on all the Investor's information, we prepare the preliminary project concept. Then, during personal meetings, we analyse to see if the proposal meets the Investor's expectations.
  • When dealing with remarks, we supplement each suggestion with the author's proposals and solutions to perfect the project in minute details.
  • After acceptance of the technological and architectonic conception, we move on to the visual creation of an elegant welfare and office building to fit it ideally to the building’s structure.

Branding and building project

  • On the Investor's request, we create a group image, develop its logo, and take care of the firm’s marketing identification to obtain a coherent whole.
  • We pay attention to marketing and image issues because they play an important role in the process of further product sales.
  • In the next stage of our work, we carry out a full branch building project and after we obtain a construction permit, we start the complex investment process.
We will proudly undertake a project according to your expectations. Our knowledge, experience and technological capabilities are at your disposal