Design and construction of turnkey production building structures

CoBouw production building structures combine modern design solutions, functionality and durability that results from high-quality materials and advanced technology. We understand perfectly that the construction of production building structures requires an innovative approach to the Investors' needs to provide optimum housing for processing and manufacturing processes to be conducted.

Production building structures - designing

  • We begin the design stage with a verification of the Investor's needs and a detailed analysis of the whole production process, that is to take place inside the facilities.
  • After a reliable analysis of the production process, we suggest specific solutions and elements by presentation of the author's technological idea of the production hall.
  • Thanks to our many years of experience, we optimize the project while taking into account all of the Investor's suggestions and we transform them on-line into solutions adapted to the specific production technology.
  • During the design stage, we consider possible changes in the production processes, therefore we try to anticipate the investment development directions to adapt it to possible changes in advance.

Production building structures - zone allocation

  • While designing production building structures, we specify the precise fire load level that depends on materials and the means used in the whole production process.
  • Then, we plan out the raw materials delivery and the finished product dispatch zones in detail.
  • At production building structures generally there are expanded welfare and sanitary facilities that are adapted to the specific number of employees. Depending on the production process type (so called “dirty” or “clean”), we carry out through changing rooms.
  • For the food industry, we design and build production halls under HACCP system.

Production building structures - ventilation system

  • At the building structure design stage, we also have great fun playing around with a specific number of air changes dependent on the production process.
  • Based on the analysis, we choose the best ventilation system, in the case of the production process where great heat gains occur, we use heating systems with heat recovery to provide Investors significant savings connected with the building structure’s operation.

Production building structures - turnkey building

  • While designing and building production building structures we consistently take care of the entirety of the facility - beginning with the technology up to the modern pattern-designing and effective construction of the whole complex.
  • Thanks to our creative thinking, technology and experience, our production halls are attractive architectonically.
  • We suggest cost effective solutions by integrating the welfare and office zones in the hall while maintaining the facility functionality.
  • On request, we provide a separate office building that represents and reflects the Investor's business profile to ensure our prestigious “calling card.”
We will proudly undertake a project according to your expectations. Our knowledge, experience and technological capabilities are at your disposal