Design and construction of shopping centres and market halls as turnkey projects

The shopping centres and market halls by CoBouw are intended to run service activity as well as retail sale and wholesale. Our original designs of the shopping centres are created while taking into account the efficiency and functionality of the facility but also aesthetics and modern solutions.

Shopping centres and market halls – characteristics

  • Usually, we design the shopping centres and market halls as one-storey facilities, which we ultimately execute with lightweight structure, steel structure or steel and reinforced concrete structure.
  • In the case of shopping centres, their location is extremely important. Since the shopping centres and market halls are large area facilities that must be easily accessible, we usually build them on the outskirts of large cities, on the main communication routes. An important element, which we always take into account when designing a future investment, is provision of facilities and road infrastructure in the form of large, functional car parks and, at the same time, free access to urban transport.
  • The attractiveness of the shopping centre is supported by such advantages as playgrounds or access to the food and beverage services.
  • It is typical for the shopping centres and market halls to apply modular planning of the facility’s interior. This is a key issue for us; we are aware that the quantity and diversity of the trade booths translates directly into the efficiency and economics of the facility. The division into stands and booths of various areas allows to plan the space and adjust it to the needs of particular tenants. All stands are equipped with a separate electrical section that is, e.g. individual lighting or submeters, in order to divide the costs among the lessors easily.
  • The modular organisation of the space freely allows to arrange the interiors of particular stands, which in practice enables the tenant to display the marketing elements of a given brand as a logo or corporate colours.
  • By taking care of every detail, we incorporate the currently prevailing trends in the designing of shopping centres and market halls. Our designers, after specifying the needs and capabilities of the Investor, turn the initial idea into a concept and visualisation of a future facility. The last step, before commencing the implementation of a shopping centre, is development of a comprehensive design compliant with the standards and the Polish construction law.