Meblosoft company has 25 years of experience in the manufacture of upholstered furnitures

Turnkey building of the social-office building based on our own architectural and construction design. Planned area of the investment is about 850 m2.

The scope of work
  • preparation of the achitectural and construction documentation together with land management plan;
  • groundworks with foundations;
  • industrial floor;
  • elevation;
  • woodworks;
  • raw state construction;
  • finishing works;
  • electrical and sanitary installations, internal and external;
  • execution of complex external infrastructure: pavements, car parks, roads and maneuvering area.

According to our idea we prepared architectural concept with 3D visuals. Created building is dynamic and relates to professionalism of the Meblosoft company. Applied colourist contrasts perfectly and highlights the company’s logo. Our vision fully met the investor’s expectations.